Independent, Incorruptible, And Indestructible

We're a team of highly motivated experts with a single shared goal: universal data privacy.

With the HOPR protocol, companies and users can decide for themselves who can view their data and who can't.

With the HOPR protocol, data security is solved, letting everyone focus on helping people through digitalization.

The HOPR community is building the digital privacy landscape of tomorrow. We invite everybody to join our movement.

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Our HOPR Values



Everyone should have the chance to make decisions in their lives as freely and uninfluenced as possible. This is exactly what we are committed to - neutrally and transparently.



We want to improve the privacy standards of the digital world and are always looking for new ways to do so. We boldly go new ways. And when we find a suitable way, we do everything we can to make it work for our community and society.



HOPR is a living ecosystem made up of many different people who share the same goal. We want everyone to have the space for their own ideas and to be able to develop freely. To achieve this, we create a climate of fairness and trust in which it is fun to work together towards our goal.


At HOPR we're building the foundations for a more private and resilient web. But to succeed, we also need to challenge the economic power structures that shackle today's web to unhealthy and unsustainable business models.

We need natively digital organizations to drive the next wave of inclusive innovation. Open technology platforms rely on and enable communities instead of emperors and shareholders.

The recent movement of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), provides participatory governance and economies for the blockchain era. However, DAOs cannot reach their full potential until they can co-exist with existing legal frameworks.

HOPR is pioneering decentralized, community-enabling governance (DecenGov) as a techno-legal framework that combines the dynamics of communities with the efficiencies of crypto networks and the advantages of established legal bodies to govern collective efforts.



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