Next Generation Data Privacy

The HOPR protocol is built for everyone. Our mission of introducing network-level data privacy for all industries and individuals starts with you.

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  2. A dedicated engineer for the integration of the HOPR protocol
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The HOPR Advantage

The HOPR Protocol

The HOPR protocol provides network-level and metadata privacy for every kind of data exchange. A mixnet protects the identity of both sender and recipient by routing data via multiple intermediate relay hops that mix traffic.

Payments are handled via probabilistic micropayments, our custom layer-2 scaling solution on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Relay mix nodes are rewarded for their work in HOPR tokens. Our proof-of-relay mechanism protects everyone from dishonest behaviour.

HOPR thus provides economic incentives to run a global privacy network sustainably - and at scale - without compromising privacy.

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Your customers, your clients, your business, deserves comprehensive, network-level data privacy. Working with the HOPR Protocol ensures that.

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