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Hop on Board the HOPR Express and help change data privacy for good!

Participate in bounties, hackathons, games, and more. Earn HOPR Boost NFTs to grow your stake.

It’s going to be an amazing journey, so Hop on Board with us as we stake, govern, build, and scale to new heights!


In January 2022, we launched our Hop on Board program to expand the HOPR ecosystem and foster development of dApps on top of the HOPR protocol. As more people wake up to the crucial role privacy plays in web3, HOPR has forged collaborations with like-minded projects across the whole crypto stack.

Follow the timeline below to learn what’s already and how you can Hop on Board with HOPR and help change privacy for good.

January 2022

Staking Season 2

The second season of HOPR’s gamified incentivized staking program brought new rewards, new HOPR Boost NFTs, and boosted APRs of up to 75% for the most active participants


Our D.E.R.P. tool highlights the privacy pitfalls of public RPC providers. Many of today’s DeFi service leak identifying metadata, even if you don’t make a transaction. This shows how vital a transport layer privacy solution like HOPR will be to building web3.
February 2022

Matterhorn Testnet

Almost 1,000 nodes were spun up in our Matterhorn testnet to stress test the HOPR protocol and provide data for the implementation of cover traffic.


The HOPR team attended ETHDenver, where we were the proud sponsors of one of the hackathon floors. Forging connections with other web3 projects led to over $1m in ecosystem grants.

DAO Bounties

The HOPR DAO voted to provide $15k worth of bounties at ETHDenver. Valiant buidlers worked to produce the first ever dApps on top of HOPR.

$1m in web3 Ecosystem Grants

Forging connections with other web3 projects at ETHDenver and beyond led to fruitful new collaborations and over $1m in ecosystem grants from prominent projects including Harmony, The Graph, Dusk, ANKR, and Edge & Node.
March 2022

DAO v.03

The third DAO experiment harnessed the wisdom of our community to develop new dApp ideas and use cases for the HOPR protocol. Our continued experiments with quadratic voting show the power of alternative governance approaches.
April 2022


HOPR has a vital role to play in minimizing malicious MEV. We’re collaborating with other web3 projects across the stack to minimize exploits, pre-empting the inevitable growth of IP and metadata-based MEV attacks. is the first HOPR dApp built by HOPR. makes chat private for the first time. The alpha version is available to try now.

Bounty Program

The HOPR Bounty Program has officially launched. Join a passionate, skilled, and dedicated development community building free and open source privacy infrastructure for web3.
May 2022

Staking Season 3

The third season of HOPR’s gamified staking program has launched with more Boost NFTs and a better balance of base parameters, ensuring active community members can boost to higher APRs and a larger share of rewards.

Quadratic Voting Community Games

To help our community learn more about quadratic voting and the importance of informed governance, we set up a series of educational games.

HOPR Privacy Meme Contest

Privacy issues are no meme, but to raise awareness, we asked our community members to create some! Our #PrivacyIsNoMeme contest has been successful in raising awareness of metadata protection.
June 2022

Metadata Community Games

To raise awareness about how metadata can be used to compromise our privacy, we launched five different Metadata Games.

HOPR Bounty Contest

After launching our HOPR Bounty Program, we created our first bounty contest where skilled builders win lucrative bounties for developing dApps on HOPR.

Solana Ecosystem Research

Our D.E.R.P. tool has been upgraded. It now demonstrates the severity of metadata leakage on Solana, Gnosis Chain, and Avalanche.

Coinbase Listing

The HOPR token is now listed on Coinbase, making the HOPR ecosystem more accessible. Our Coinbase Earn campaign provides a simple and incentivized way to learn about HOPR.
July 2022

DAO v.04

The fourth DAO experiment consisted of a series of yes/no questions related to moving some of the DAO-controlled liquidity from its HOPR-DAI pool on Uniswap to different DEXs on Gnosis Chain or to a HOPR-ETH pool on Uniswap.

The Merge Research

The Merge was an exciting development, but we needed to highlight an important privacy issue with the post-Merge chain. The HOPR team has been leading research in collaboration with the Decentralized Systems and Security Group at Imperial College.


The HOPR team attended EthCC in Paris, where we got lots of feedback on our The Merge research and participated in hackathons.

Staking Season 4

The fourth season of HOPR’s gamified incentivized staking program made sure that loyal community members who were still active got rewarded with the Collector HOPR Boost NFT, the most valuable HOPR Boost NFT yet.
August 2022

The HOPR Playground

We launched the HOPR Playground, a brand new way to interact with HOPR that gets you up and running in less than a minute without any installation. If you’re inspired to build a HOPR dApp, apply with an idea, and if you’re approved you can start work immediately.

Dappnode Launch

HOPR has partnered with leading crypto hardware provider Dappnode to produce a special HOPR version of their Dappnode x Gnosis Chain device. The demand was higher than expected so we produced a 2nd batch of 50 nodes.
September 2022

MetaMask X HOPR: First UX Hackathon In Web3

We hosted the first crypto UX hackathon together with MetaMask and ConsenSys. Over 30 UX designers came together to design a UX to integrate HOPR’s transport level privacy directly into wallets using Metamask Snaps, a tool to extend the basic Metamask wallet.

Healthcare Case Study

We’re presented the first in-depth study of using HOPR: HOPR as the transport layer for privacy-aware, GDPR-compliant IoT health systems. Most content you see from us is focused on crypto, but that’s just part of HOPR’s mission. Privacy is vital for ALL data transport, in every industry!

Monte Rosa Release

After thousands of hours of hard work by our amazing tech team, we opened up our latest release: Monte Rosa. This was just the first stage in a months’ long initiative to scale up the HOPR network and expand the feature set. Check out our dashboard for all nodes running in Monte Rosa.
October 2022

HOPR co-organized the Infinite Hackathon in Bogota

We had bounties rewarding the integration of HOPR into any Ethereum wallet for maximally private transactions and RPC requests. What happened absolutely blew our minds and exceeded our most optimistic expectations, not one but three integrations in Tally Ho, Frame0x and Blockwallet!

HOPR at Devcon Bogota

The HOPR team attended Devcon in Bogota, connecting with other web3 projects led to over $1 million in investments for HOPR.

HOPR Co-Founds Leading Privacy Alliance of Web3

The Leading Privacy Alliance (LPA) was officially launched in Bogota. The core values of the LPA are privacy, neutrality, and freedom. The LPA strives to build transparent technology which provides users with full control of their choices online, including their privacy choices.

RPCh – Your first private Ethereum RPC provider

RPCh is a service on top of the HOPR protocol, which routes RPC requests and responses via the HOPR network. The first of its kind and the only truly private way to interface the Ethereum blockchain. Think Infura, but private!

Staking Season 5

The fifth season of HOPR’s gamified incentivized staking program further updates the main parameters of the staking contract to continue our push to reward active participation over active staking. Base rate dropped to 2.5%, while the NFT boost cap increased to 200,000.
November 2022

DAO v.05

The HOPR DAO voted to allocate $600k in liquidity to automated liquidity managers as a trial. This was the first time the DAO struck a major deal with external projects. Over 150 people participated in the discussion, and there were over 300 votes.
December 2022

The HOPR Playground Games

Part of the 2022 HOPR Christmas Advent Calendar, the HOPR Playground Games showcased the hard work of HOPR bounty hunters who built a variety of dApp games to play over HOPR.