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The HOPR network is a decentralized incentivized mixnet, ensuring complete data and metadata privacy for everyone who uses it. Data is sent via multiple hops, so no-one but the sender and receiver know the origin, destination, or content of a data transfer.



HOPR’s unique proof-of-relay mechanism means every node runner is incentivized to correctly relay data in exchange for HOPR tokens. Anyone can run a HOPR node to earn HOPR tokens and contribute to online data privacy.



HOPR’s custom layer-two scaling solution is based on probabilistic payment channels. This ensures fully decentralized settlement without unnecessary blockchain transaction fees, all while protecting node runners’ metadata.



Developers can access the HOPR protocol’s underlying functionality through easy-to-use, high-level APIs – making dApp development and maintenance a seamless experience.


Q2 2020


HOPR’s founders develop a decentralized approach to the urgent issue of metadata privacy. HOPR is born!

Q3 2020

Funding and Launch

HOPR officially launches, concluding a $1m seed funding round led by Binance. The HOPR Association is founded.

Q4 2020

HOPR Hardware Node

The HOPR Node PC launches, allowing users to run a dedicated HOPR device from their home.

Q1 2021

Jungfrau Release

The HOPR token is released during our Jungfrau launch event.

Q3 2021

Launch of HOPR DAO

HOPR’s focus on decentralized governance is solidified by the launch of the project-wide HOPR DAO

Q4 2021

Gamified Staking Program

HOPR’s gamified staking program with NFT boost system launches, rewarding people for active participation to ensure continued support for HOPR testing and development.

January 2022

DERP Released

HOPR’s DERP tool brings attention to the privacy black hole at the heart of web3, showing data leaks live as you use crypto services.

February 2022

HOPR Bounty Program Launches

The HOPR Bounty Program rewards external developers for building dApps on top of the HOPR protocol.

June 2022

Ethereum Beacon Chain Privacy Research

In collaboration with Imperial College London, HOPR draws attention to privacy exploits in the proof-of-stake system of EVM compatible blockchains.

July 2022

The HOPR use case paper is published, demonstrating how HOPR can provide GDPR-compliant data privacy in the medtech industry.

August 2022

HOPR Playground

The HOPR Playground provides developers and users with a simple toolbox to develop and explore HOPR dApps: with one click, a HOPR node cluster can be launched in under 5 seconds.

Q3 2022

Monte Rosa Network

HOPR’s Monte Rosa environment provides the most stable and long-lived version of the HOPR network to date.

Q4 2022

First Truly Private Wallet Transactions

At the first Infinite Hackathon in Bogota, Colombia, four wallets are integrated with HOPR’s new RPCh proof of concept to send real transactions over HOPR with full privacy.

Q1 2023

Smart Contract Toolchain Migration

The HOPR smart contract toolchain is migrated from Hardhat to Foundry, resulting in significant performance and testing enhancements.

Q2 2023

RPCh Live

RPCh is integrated with the first crypto wallets in a live environment, providing users with their first private blockchain gateway.

Q3 2023

Rust Migration Completed

The HOPR protocol is fully migrated to the Rust language, providing great stability and security.

Q4 2023

500 HOPR Nodes Worldwide

With this milestone, the HOPR network will cement itself as a globally decentralized and robust privacy network.

Q1 2024

Performance Optimizations

The HOPR protocol is further optimized to support low latency use cases such as real-time health monitoring.

Q2 2024

Global Ecosystem Launch

The first non-crypto use cases of HOPR are launched.


Anyone can run a HOPR node on their own hardware! We provide easy-to-install software for Linux, macOS, Windows, Docker and cloud environments.

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Join a passionate, skilled, and dedicated development community building free and open source privacy infrastructure for web3. The HOPR Bounty Program provides generous rewards.