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Guardians Of Privacy

To the HOPR Node Runners, we dedicate this page to you. Online privacy, personal data control, and Ethereum blockchain integrity all owe you a debt of gratitude. Although, you’ll get more than just gratitude, as you’ll earn upcoming HOPR token incentives from our plug-and-earn mixnet node PCs.
HOPR makes no profit from the first-of-its-kind custom node PCs. Instead, we thank you for helping ensure a decentralized Web3 future, where everyone has control of their own data.


CPU: Intel NUC i7 Series 10
Memory: 32GB
Storage: 2TB NVMe
Bonus tokens:
1000 HOPR tokens
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Docker version
If you want to run a node on your own hardware without the HOPR Node PC, that’s perfectly acceptable and possible as well!