HOPR is at the forefront of decentralized governance. The fair launch of the HOPR token was entirely community-driven, with 100% of raised funds remaining under control of the DAO. Regular governance experiments further research into effective governance techniques which balance the interests of small and large token holders.


Fair Launch

Participants in HOPR testnets were automatically included in the HOPR Genesis DAO. The Genesis DAO decided how to launch the HOPR token. All proceeds of the launch were used to provide liquidity and remain in full control of the community – zero funds were allocated to the team or HOPR Association.
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DAO Experiment v0.1

The first DAO Experiment introduced HOPR’s three-phase goverenance system based on Swiss direct democracy. The DAO discussed and voted on how to reallocate the almost $20m in liquidity raised during the launch.
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DAO Experiment v0.2

The second DAO experiment introduced quadratic voting and determined how to allocate the almost $150k in liquidity fees earned by the DAO since launch.
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DAO Experiment v0.3

The third experiment further optimized the governance phases and harness the wisdom of the community to design and prioritize use cases for the HOPR protocol.
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The HOPR Association is a Swiss-based association responsible for overseeing the development and promotion of the HOPR protocol. As the HOPR ecosystem matures, the HOPR Association will transition into a next-level DAO, able to operate both on and off-chain while remaining fully compliant with Swiss law. Applications for membership will open soon.